Purpose of "Emza Enerji" is to achieve unconditional customer satisfaction without compromising our quality policy. We commit to realize principles given below in all the fields that we conduct our activities. 

• To be the leading and reliable company that has the understanding that caters every needs and expectation of its clients in every phase,

• Keep abreast of and implement the latest technology in order to lower costs and increase profitability, 

• Increase the level of quality of the workforce within the framework of quality systems by placing emphasis on team work in order to make them competent and to become individuals that can use their abilities to its full extent,

• Inculcate quality awareness among all employees, 

• Establish relationships with suppliers based on mutual trust, 

• Preempt all possible inconvenience by producing most appropriate, correct and economic solutions in the fastest way,

• Complete every debuted project in a timely fashion, by using ultimate technics, fully compatible with its project, attaining desired quality and within the allocated budget,

• Become exemplary institution respective of the society and the environment and contribute to country's economy by constantly enlarging our business volume

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