"Emza Enerji" is fully conscious of its responsibilities concerning the environment in the geographic landscape that we operate which is our life value. In this context, we commit to achieve and maintain following points.   

• Abide by all domestic and international legal regulations, 

• Prevent environmental pollution and improve environmental performance by following technological developments and scientific studies,  

• Protect natural resources and use them in the most efficient way, 

• Keep in control and decrease possible environmental effects starting from the design phase till the end of life cycle, 

• Decrease the volume of waste products at its source and regain them as far as possible, 

• Contribute t sustainable development by comprising environmental objectives and goals, 

• Complete every debuted project in a timely fashion, by using ultimate technics, fully compatible with its project, attaining desired quality and within the allocated budget,

• Increase the environmental responsibility awareness of our employees by offering environmental training to all our employees starting from senior management to the lowest unit, 

• Communicate with all stakeholders and share information when necessary, 

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